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Who we are
We are the Vocational College Viersen - situated on the outskirts of the small historic town of Duelken – halfway between Duesseldorf, the capital of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, and the Dutch border town of Venlo.

Our college offers courses in Business and Administration, Health, Social Care, Childcare, ICT, Engineering and Joinery. We also offer learner-engagement courses for school leavers that cover a wide range of vocational and employability courses. Our 2500 students can achieve a wide range of qualifications as part-time students doing apprenticeships or as full-time students gaining various GCSE levels, entrance qualifications for universities of applied sciences or A-levels.

Europe matters
We have been a certified European School since 2008. International communication is a prominent focus of our curriculum. The European context is an intrinsic part of every course that we offer. Quite a number of apprenticeship courses as well as full-time courses cooperate or exchange students with European countries as different as Sweden, Turkey, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Great Britain or Latvia.

Health matters
Healthy living is another important focus of our curriculum. There are regular “Health Days” and lectures about important health topics like HIV and vaccinations. PE lessons are compulsory and provide basic knowledge about fitness standards. A spacious gym, an outdoor fitness parcour and the hilly and scenic “Suechteln Heights” at our doorstep make PE lessons effective and fun.

What we offer

Part-time courses (for students doing apprenticeships)

Students are trainees with companies in our area and usually attend our college two times a week over a period of 2 to 3 years.
Students apply for an apprenticeship on their own and conclude a training contract with a company which will pay them a monthly allowance. No contract is concluded between the college and these companies.
Content of courses is covered by a national curriculum.


Technical Department

>  joiner
>  electronics technician
>  industrial mechanic
>  tool mechanic
>  skilled metal worker
>  machine and plant operator

Department for Business and Administration

>  shop assistant and management assistant in retail business
>  office management assistant
>  management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade
> industrial business management assistant
> bank business management assistant
>  management assistant in freight forwarding and logistics
>  warehouse operator and warehouse logistics operator


Department for Health care

>  hair stylist
>  assistant housekeeper


Department for social care and childcare

>  assistant nursery nurse (GCSE plus vocational qualification)
>  nursery nurse ( Children’s play, Learning & Development including Early Years Educator, Level 3 / estimate)

Learner engagement courses

Students have completed obligatory secondary schooling but have not been able to conclude a training contract or register for any of the full-time courses.
A range of employability courses with varying vocational focuses. Participants can gain entrance level GCSEs.

Full-time courses

One-year courses
Courses offer basic vocational knowledge and the chance to obtain the equivalent of GCSE qualifications:

> business
> wood working
> metal working
> electrical installation
> health
> home economics

Two-year courses
Courses lead to entrance qualifications for universities of applied sciences as well as intermediate vocational knowledge:

> business and administration
> electrical engineering & ICT
> health
> social care
> social care – on the job  (including one-year part-time work experience)

Three-year courses
Courses leading to university entrance qualifications (equivalent to A levels) as well as advanced vocational knowledge:

> business and administration
> health